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Summary of common problems in cable

Release time :2016-01-10 20:28Reading :
Wire and cable quiz 1,
Q: why should one end of one end of a single core cable sheath have to be mounted with a return line along the cable?
Answer: at one end of the metal sheath grounding cable lines, is indeed the protective sleeve of induction voltage does not exceed permitted standard, must install a along the cable lines laid in parallel conductors, and the ends of the conductor are grounded, the conductor said for the return line. When single-phase grounding fault occurs, the short-circuit current can be through the return line flows back to the system center, due to the flux through the return line of the grounding current flux canceling the a portion of the cable wire grounding current generated. Thus, it is possible to reduce the short circuit fault of the sheath of induction voltage.
Wire and cable quiz 2,
Q: cable works can be divided into several projects?
(1): including site transportation engineering materials from the warehouse to the construction point of loading and unloading, transport and empty backhaul.
(2) local engineering: including road excavation, tunnel, tunnel construction, etc..
(3) laying works: including laying, the middle of the first production, lift cover, buried tube, the school tide, the production of traction, etc..
(4) at both ends of the project: including branch, bridge frame and the base of production and installation, terminal production, installation of oil pressure and signal devices, a kind of electrical performance test.
(5) plug works: including the production of oil filled cable plug, the supply tank, the installation of automatic drainage and signal devices, etc..
(6) earth works: including insulation joints, transposition boxes, protective devices, grounding box installation, etc..
Wire and cable quiz 3,
Q: what is the acceptance of the cable line inspection?
Answer: (1) cable specifications should be in accordance with the provisions of the arrangement should be neat, without damage, the signs are complete, correct, clear;
(2) the fixed bending radius of the cable, the distance and the connection of the metal sheath of the single core power cable shall be in line with the requirements;
(3) the cable terminal, the middle head does not seep the oil leakage, the installation is firm, the oil filling cable oil pressure and the meter the entire set value should conform to the request;
(4) good grounding;
(5) the color of the cable terminal is correct, the metal part of the bracket is complete;
(6) cable trench and tunnel, the bridge should be no debris, complete cover.
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