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9 measures to prevent the fire of wire and cable

Release time :2016-01-10 20:28Reading :
1 to ensure the construction quality, especially the quality of the production of the cable must be strictly in line with the requirements of the provisions.
2 to strengthen the cable operation and monitoring, to avoid the overload of the cable operation.
3 regular cable testing, found that abnormal should be handled in a timely manner.
4 the cable trench should be kept dry to prevent the cable from being affected with damp.
5 regular cleaning of the dust on the cable, to prevent the accumulation of dust caused by the cable fire.
6 to strengthen the cable circuit switch and protection of the regular check and maintenance, to ensure that the action is reliable.
7 cable laying should be maintained with the heat pipe has enough distance, control cable is not less than 0.5 meters; power cable is not less than l meters. Control cable and power cable should be divided into slots, layers and separate layout, can not overlap between layers. For the parts that do not meet the requirements, the cable should take the measures of fire retardant and heat insulation.
8 installation of fire alarm to find the fire, to prevent the ignition of cable.
9 take fire prevention measures.
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